You have your desktop and your laptop; what are you waiting to get your WEBTOP?

You probably didn’t know that you might already have it! At the AlwaysOn On Demand conference in Palo Alto, David Thomas, Executive Vice President with TechAmerica, talked about this interesting idea. Thomas, who claimed to be the “father” of the term SaaS, made an interesting analysis of the evolution of computing devices.

When Thomas talked about the “webtop” he was making reference to devices such as the iPad, the iPhone, the Nexus One and any other device designed to leverage cloud applications. This new category of devices creates a huge opportunity for a new wave of innovation. Some players such as have already leveraged what they call “cloud2” with their chatter solution, and many startups are emerging with products designed exclusively for this new environment.

Some of the primitives for each category were listed by Thomas:


A recent report published by Morgan Stanley predicts that mobile users will surpass desktop internet users by 2013, so again, a new window is being opened for startups to innovate and deliver solutions both in the consumer and enterprise spaces specifically designed to leverage the innovative ecosystem the webtop is generating. We already have the winners for the destkop and laptop decades; now we need to see who wins in the new webtop days.